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CCTV Policy
1. Introduction

This Policy controls the management, operation, use and confidentiality of the CCTV cameras located on the outside of Long Clawson Village Hall operated by Long Clawson Village Hall committee and owned by Long Clawson Village Hall Charity No. 1096772, Company No. 4002543 .

This policy reflects the code of practice and other guidance issued by the Information Commissioner (17th November 2020). This policy will be subject to periodic review by the Trustees to ensure that it continues to reflect the public interest and that it and the system meets all legislative requirements.

The Comittee have ensured this policy reflects the principles of the 2018 UK Data Protection Act & the General Data Protection Regulations:

·    data must be fairly and lawfully processed;

·    processed for limited purposes and not in any manner incompatible with those purposes;

·    adequate, relevant and not excessive;

·    accurate;

·    not kept for longer than is necessary;

·    processed in accordance with individuals’ rights;

·    secure;

2. Statement of Purpose and Scope of Operation

The purpose of the CCTV is to maintain the security of the premises, to deter, detect and prevent crime, vandalism and anti-social behaviour, to help provide a safe and secure environment for volunteers, staff, hirers, visitors and contractors.

The system will not be used to invade the privacy of any individual. Three cameras are installed and positioned so they can record activity around the outside of the building including coverage of the car park, the main entrance to the hall and the play fort.

3. Responsibilities of the Owners of the Scheme

The Comittee take full responsibility for the management and operation of the system.

Any major change that would have a significant impact on either, the purpose, scope or policy of operation of the CCTV scheme will take place only after discussion at a Comittee meeting. This change would then be incorporated into this policy.

Hirers of the Village Hall will be informed of the existence of the camera in the standard conditions of hire.

4. Management of the System and Accountability

Day-to-day operational responsibility rests with the CCTV Operator. The operation of the system will be reviewed annually. The outcome of any investigations which require footage to be retained will be reviewed at a Comittee meeting.

Registered Charity No: 1096772

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5. Control and Operation of CCTV

The following points must be understood and strictly observed:

·    The system will be only be operated by trained individuals using authorised access devices.

·    Passwords and access codes for the camera are stored securely and never disclosed.

·    No public access will be allowed to the camera images except for lawful, proper purposes with approval of the Chair of the Comittee.

·    The Police are permitted access to recorded material if they have reason to believe that such access is necessary to investigate, detect or prevent crime. The Police are able to visit the Village Hall to review and confirm the Village Hall’s operation of CCTV arrangements. Any visit by the Police to view images will be logged by the CCTV Operator.

·    The CCTV Operator should regularly check the accuracy of the date/time displayed by taking a snapshot and verifying the time stamp with the date/time on the email alert sent. Records of these checks will be retained.

·    Digital records should be securely stored to comply with data protection laws and should only be handled by the CCTV Operator.

·    The CCTV will be monitored by between the hours of 6pm and 6am. In the event of antisocial or unlawful behaviour, they will contact the Police.

6. The use of camera images

All camera recordings will be retained for up to 28 days, they will then be recorded over unless set aside as requested lawfully above.

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